Holland Photographed

Doing exchange and living in Holland I would have been mad to not take my camera. To explore different areas I would go for walks with my film camera and then develop the film in uni. I also experimented with the cyanotype printing technique, using this for one of my classes combined with lino cut […]


Writing Life // Snow

Writing Life is another class I took while at KABK, in which I developed new writing skills for both prose and poetry. Here is my final story for the project entitled ‘Snow’.   Fran clenched her shaking fingers into tight, trembling fists as she sunk into the dark corner of a shop entrance. She was […]


Art Fundamentals // Orientalising the Occident

This post begins the sharing of my projects completed in the past 6 months.  Over the past 6 months I have been studying Interactive Media Design on exchange at KABK in Den Haag. The intention I had for doing a different course was that I wanted a more hands-on experience that I was currently having […]


The Death of the Author

For a workshop we were given the task of using found images and creating collaged concepts under the theme of “The Death of the Author”. It was a broad brief with loads of opportunity for play so I also tried to make my collages relevant to my current project of “Materialism and Identity”. The image […]


Collage / Materialism and Identity

My new project centres around the brief “The acquisition of material objects is an important aspect defining modern identities. Discuss in relation to contemporary practices”. To begin this brief I have been looking at collage. For ages I have loved the work of Ben Giles (http://bengiles.tumblr.com/), an artist who does a lot of collage. Giles is […]


The ‘lonely’ Yellow Man / Final Outcome

Finished my map project with a 6 framed piece showing one man’s journey through Bournemouth. Each frame shows a different place in Bournemouth, starting with the train station and ending at the beach. The protagonist (The Yellow Man) also gains a follower/ friend in each frame and as the frames progress they become more vibrant and […]


Life Drawing with Inks

In my third life drawing session I took my inks as I’ve only recently started using them and they’re a really fun, loose medium to use. Although I started off the session in pencil, and did one piece in letraset markers, I couldn’t not use my inks for the majority of the time. Also in […]



Recently started experimenting with Inks. Haven’t really used them much before, and only with a dip pen rather than paintbrushes.   experimenting ^       Above are all my attempts so far. Being quite rough with my brush strokes but I’m hoping to refine this.



Had to explore Bournemouth for the first uni project on maps. I hate geography, so I have mainly focused on people. I went on a walk through town with my tripod and camera taking long exposures to depict a kind of facelessness. I then also did the opposite through trying to use panning.